Jack Petchey Endeavour Award 

The club is on the 'Bronze Award' with three awards presented every year. Winners are voted for by the students. The award is for students aged between 11 and 25 in recognition of achieving the three E's:- 

Effort; What you put into the club through training and support
Endeavour; Working through difficulties, striving to achieve your goal
Exceptional achievement; This is about the outcome of the other two Es.

The winners receive a certificate from the Foundation and a Cheque to be spent on the club or other students. At the Annual Awards ceremony in November, a formal presentation of a special boxed medallion will be made to the year’s winners.


Spring - Harvey Wallace
Summer - Louie Myrie
Autumn - Luke Jackson



Spring - Julian Saunders
Summer - Harry Shotton 
Autumn - Leo Chan


Spring - Oscar Tuxford
Summer -  William Ely
Autumn - Cassie Marshall


Spring - Mason Stapleton
Summer - William Waller
Autumn - Rhys Laming


Spring - Rhiannon Hicks
Summer -  Morgan Chalmers
Autumn - Jody Moreno-Nind


Spring - Jack Stacey 
Summer - Amy Golding
Autumn - Callum McFarland


Spring - Jake Howard 
Summer - Charlie Cook
Autumn - Daisy Wilson 


Spring - Ashley Sutton 
Summer - Samuel Bentley
Autumn - Ella Whiting 


Spring - Mellissa Hinkley 
Summer - Lauren Bird
Autumn - Eloise Chalmers 


Spring - Jessica Kellow
Summer - Adam Michaelis
Autumn - Laurence Hawkins 


Spring- Wayne McCarthy                                                                   Summer - Hannah Edridge 
Autumn - Sophie Bartlett 
Winter - Oliver Wheeler 

Jack Petchey Leadership Award

2018 - Adam Michaelis
2015 - Paula Moreno-Nind
2010 - Bob Marshall
2008 - Debbie Pratt
2007 - Mick Williams